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الخميس، ٢٣ أيار



Breaking Your Burnout Cycle


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Breaking Your Burnout Cycle
Breaking Your Burnout Cycle

الوقت والموقع

٢٣ أيار ٢٠٢٤، ١١:٠٠ ص – ١٢:٠٠ م

Amman, Amman, Jordan

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Embark on a transformative journey with Dr. Dima Yousef Jadaan's Bitesize Workshop, "Breaking Your Burnout Cycle," designed to convert your fatigue into renewed vitality. This intensive session is crafted to equip you with the tools and insights necessary to understand, address, and overcome the challenges of burnout. Discover strategies to rekindle your passion for work and life, as Dr. Jadaan guides you through the process of rejuvenating your professional and personal well-being.

Main Pillars of the Workshop:

  1. Understanding Burnout: Recognizing the signs and symptoms of burnout.
  2. Root Causes Analysis: Identifying personal and professional stressors, and understanding the underlying factors that lead to burnout.
  3. Strategies for Prevention: Implementing daily habits that prevent burnout.  
  4. Tools for Recovery: Techniques for immediate stress relief and relaxation. Long-term strategies for sustaining well-being and motivation.
  5. Reclaiming Your Energy: Methods to boost energy levels and maintain work-life balance. Cultivating a mindset that promotes resilience and passion.
  6. Sustainable Well-Being: Building a support system to aid and maintain a burnout-free life.


  • Breaking Your Burnout Cycle

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