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Mentally Wealthy Workplace

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Mentally Wealthy Workplace
Mentally Wealthy Workplace

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٢٨ نيسان ٢٠٢٤، ١١:٠٠ ص – ١٢:٠٠ م

Amman, Amman, Jordan

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Workshop Overview

Join Dr. Thanna Al Matt for the "Mentally Wealthy Workplace" bitesize workshop, a critical session focused on fostering a positive workplace culture where mental health is a shared priority. In just one hour, you’ll delve into how stress and mental health risks can be managed effectively, ensuring a safe and supportive environment for employees. This workshop goes beyond awareness, giving practical benefits and exploring work health and safety obligations to promote good mental health practices within your business.

Main Pillars of the Workshop:

1. Creating a Supportive Culture:

   - Strategies to build a work environment where mental health is valued.

   - Understanding the role of empathy and communication in creating a mentally wealthy workplace.

2. Managing Stress and Risks:

   - Identifying stressors and their impact on team well-being.

   - Implementing proactive measures to reduce and manage workplace stress.

3. Safety and Support Systems:

   - Creating policies that reflect the importance of mental health.

   - Developing a framework for employees to feel safe discussing mental health issues.

4. Benefits of Mental Wellness:

   - Exploring the positive outcomes of a mentally healthy workplace for employees and the organization.

   - Examining the correlation between mental health, productivity, and employee retention.

5.  Ethical Obligations:**

   - Integrating mental health initiatives with existing health and safety regulations.

6. Promoting Mental Health:

   - Actionable steps to encourage good mental health practices at work.

   - Educating leaders and employees on maintaining mental wellness.

Dr. Thanna Al Matt, a seasoned psychologist, will guide you through these pillars with expertise and compassion, providing valuable insights into the importance of mental health in achieving a thriving and prosperous business environment.

Join this transformative workshop to become a catalyst for positive change in your workplace.

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