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الاثنين، ١٢ شباط



Recharge Your Emotional Energy For 2024

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Recharge Your Emotional Energy For 2024
Recharge Your Emotional Energy For 2024

الوقت والموقع

١٢ شباط ٢٠٢٤، ١٠:٠٠ ص – ٢:٠٠ م

Amman, Amman, Jordan

نبذة عن الحدث

Objective: Empower employees to enhance emotional well-being and resilience, preparing them for a successful and fulfilling 2024.

Recharge 2024 is designed to empower your team with the emotional tools needed for a successful and fulfilling year. This workshop aims to create a positive and resilient workplace culture that contributes to both personal and professional growth.

Pillars of the Workshop:

  1. Emotional Intelligence Enhancement: Develop skills for recognizing and managing emotions effectively. Cultivate empathy and interpersonal understanding for better team dynamics.
  2. Stress Management Techniques: Learn practical strategies to cope with workplace stress. Explore mindfulness and relaxation techniques to promote mental wellness.
  3. Positive Mindset Cultivation: Foster a positive outlook through gratitude practices. Understand the impact of mindset on overall well-being and productivity.
  4. Team Building for Emotional Support: Promote a supportive workplace culture through team-building activities. Encourage open communication and empathy among team members.
  5. Goal Setting for Personal Growth: Set realistic and meaningful personal and professional goals for 2024. Create action plans for achieving objectives and overcoming challenges.
  6. Work-Life Integration: Explore strategies for achieving a harmonious balance between work and personal life. Emphasize the importance of self-care and setting boundaries.
  7. Resilience in the Face of Change: Develop resilience to navigate and adapt to organizational changes. Equip employees with tools to thrive amid uncertainties and challenges.


  • Interactive workshops with expert facilitators.
  • Group discussions, case studies, and hands-on activities.
  • Q&A sessions to address individual concerns.

Duration: One day 

Expected Outcomes:

  • Enhanced emotional well-being and resilience among employees.
  • Improved communication, collaboration, and support within teams.
  • Increased overall job satisfaction and motivation.
  • Empowered employees ready to face challenges in 2024.


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