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Actness Wellbeing Training 

Bena'a Training presents the opportunity to expand the knowledge and skills to achieve higher productivity and engagement through one of these pillars of Macro & Micro Training. It builds the base for employees to meet their key responsibilities throughout the organization's cultural values. 

Bena'a training program.

There are different types of organizational

training, however. It is essential to consider

which style fits your company’s needs to

make the correct decisions and get the best


Bena'a Training.png

1- Capacity Building Loop

Training program for developing employees' and managers' skills to be more productive and live well (The training may include pre and post-evaluation with continuous development).

2-Coaching For Performance

In sports, coaches develop and motivate players. They work hard to bring out the best in each player and then unify all their players into a winning team.

Coaching in the workplace has the same purpose and involves similar techniques.

 3-Micro Training 

The best Training Technology for Employees to Stay Engaged!


Microlearning is a way of delivering training so employees engage in the content in small, specific bursts.

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