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Corporate Annual Memberships 

Why consider a corporate wellness membership?


Are you seeking to cultivate a positive and appealing work environment?


Do you have a plan to instigate a cultural shift within your organization?


Are you aiming to align with global trends in workplace wellness?


Do you aspire to create a sustainable human-centric workplace?

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Explore a program that can be fully customized to align with your company's distinct requirements, no matter where your company is located. Contact Us by Email or Call us for more details 

  • Before implementation, we will focus on enhancing the wellness culture (both mental and physical aspects) for increased engagement, heightened productivity, and reduced burnout and fatigue.

  • During the process, you will engage in meetings and campaigns to holistically identify, address, and impact issues, celebrating small milestones.

  • After implementation, continue nurturing and sustaining the established wellness culture, ensuring enduring positive outcomes.


Our membership covers the entire year with competitive prices!

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