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Group Exercises

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Why we need physical group exercise breaks during long meeting, workshops and conferences?

Long meetings

In any organization many employees spend time attending meetings that require sitting for long periods of time. An easy way to energize your meetings is to incorporate scheduled physical activity breaks. They are a great way to keep participants focused, alert and motivated. You can do these activity breaks with little or no equipment in a meeting area that has limited room to move. We have designed five minutes sweat free video platform fits at your meeting.

Workshops and Conferences

There are literally hundreds of conferences and workshops run each year in our reign, so making your event stand out from the crowd may seem like a challenging task. You are looking to create experience not just a conference. If participants can walk away from your conference knowing firstly that they learned something and secondly that they enjoyed themselves then you can guarantee that they will be interested in attending future events organized by your organization, Participants will take in so much more information if they are alert, healthy, and rested. But what normally happened that participant sets on the chair long sessions with inadequate body position this will reduce concentration during these sessions, usually they tend to take coffee breaks during morning time and afternoon sessions to increase their alertness but this not enough they end tired.

The reason is that the body need an extra oxygen for their muscles and brain to help them increase their alertness and focus. What we offer in Fassel.Actness a five minute mind and body exercise break that can be easily fit in to your packed schedules and help energies and motivate participants, fight fatigue and boredom. You will create an electrifying atmosphere in which people can learn more with great experience. 


  • It is very simple all what you need to do is to create profile and select any video from the group exercise page.

  • The exercises designed for people wearing formal or suits, skirts, or heels. You need to boost your energy by being active for miutes, it also can help prevent muscles stiffness espicially your neck, back and legs. 

    See our Packeges and Rates

    Try it and you will feel the difference after practicing Actness exercises which we carefully designed to fit people who set for long periods and need to break their routine.

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