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Global Wellness Day is an entirely not-for-profit day dedicated to living well, celebrated on the second Saturday of June every year.

All activities carried out under Global Wellness Day must be free of charge and open to the public.

The fundamental purpose of the day is:

  • To recognize the value of our lives

  • To pause and think, even if for just one day of the year

  • To be free from the stress of everyday city life and bad habits

  • To make peace within ourselves

  • To bring together nations in an inspiring mission

  • To spread the message that wellness is not a luxury but a necessity, the inherent right of every individual.

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Addressing the wellness of distant observers during the war in Gaza entails acknowledging feelings of helplessness while actively participating in advocacy, support, and solidarity efforts.

Be Part of the change 
In order to make Wellness a lifestyle, Global Wellness Day aims to adopt the following seven 
simple steps. Even if one can't implement all of the steps all at once, what is important is to 
incorporate at least just a few of them into your daily life on a regular basis.

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Be part of this amazing day and win with us.

What is the GWD challenge?

The Challenge's purpose is to inspire corporations to help their employees live better and be healthier by taking significant efforts and being mindful of their everyday lifestyle habits.

We are making it easy to participate.

All participants who join the challenge and post their activity photos will meet the minimal challenge requirements (one activity) and will be awarded a certificate and an entry into a competition to win first place. 

  • Drinking Water

  • Sleep 

  • Smile 

  • Walk 

  • No plastic use 

  • No smoking 

  • Healthy Cooking 


Share the hashtags  #GLOBALWELLNESSDAY and mention: Instagram @ACTNESSJO

LinkedIn-facebook- twitter @actness

One day can transform the lives of your people 

Join the challenge today and enjoy the journey  

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